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About M.G.V.C Bharatpur

Mahatma Gandhi Veterinary College, an institution under Smt. Urmila Devi Mahgaiya Paropkari Trust, Bharatpur, was established in 2005-06 and is located 1km from Saras Chouraha, in the heart of Bharatpur City on 30 acres of land adjacent to National Highway 21 (Agra-Jaipur Highway), near Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary (Ghana). The city is well connected to different parts of the country by Rail & Road and is surrounded by the Agra and Mathura districts of Uttar Pradesh.


The climate in Bharatpur is scorching hot in summer and pleasantly cold in winter. During summers (March- June), the temperature ranges from 38°C to 45°C. The onset of monsoon (July-September) lowers the temperature to about 27°C, with 70-75 % humidity. The winter season (October-March) peaks after Christmas. The days are cool and pleasant. However, the nights are too chilly, and the temperature drops below 10°C. 

Our Philosophy

The aim and objective of the college is to train the student admitted to the college to infuse scientific skills in handling and managing livestock/pets / Lab and Zoo animals on scientific lines and attempt to improve the production of animals using all the scientific knowledge in the field of genetics, nutrition, treatment and preventive measures and extends this scientific knowledge to the farmer’s entrepreneurs through extension programmes conducted by MGVC in the area through the quality veterinary graduates produced in the college.

MGVC's Principle

The Mahatma Gandhi Veterinary College, Bharatpur was established under the aegis of Smt. Urmila Devi Mehgaiya Trust as a dream project for the services of animals in the east Rajasthan. The college is located in the heart of city on 30 acres of land adjacent to National Highway-11, Agra Road and well connected by rail and road with different parts of the country. The famous world heritage bird sanctuary “Keoladeo” (Ghana) is just 1Km. from the institute. Bharatpur region is famous for its native breed Mewati of cattle, Kundi of buffalo and Bagri of sheep that have been developed locally in view of adoptability of agro- ecological conditions. Mixed animal-agriculture farming is the common practice in the local farmers.

MGVC's Key Of Success

To develop world-class Teaching and Research program in the area of Veterinary and Animal Sciences including Dairy Science.

The lecture theatres and laboratories are well furnished with state-of-the-art physical facilities and modern sophisticated equipment including atomic absorption and UV spectrophotometer, ultrasound scanner, HPLC, FPLC, large animal anesthesia machine, ethylene oxide gas sterilizer, ELISA plate reader, autoanalyzer, ultracentrifuge, liquid nitrogen plant, etc. Every department is provided with computers and internet connectivity.


To generate competent and qualified veterinarians. To develop a specialization in the field of Animal Husbandry. To augment livestock production from domesticated animals and poultry. To provide scientific technology for processing and preservation of livestock food products to the stakeholders. To provide extension services about breeding, feeding, and health management including vaccination at the doorstep of the farmers.


The Mahatma Gandhi Veterinary College, Bharatpur was established in the year 2005 with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Animal Husbandry in East Rajasthan. Apart from the generation of human resources, will also offer extension services with time-to-time advisory services about animal husbandry especially disaster management and outbreaks of the diseases of animals and birds.


The college is characterized by a powerful collaborative and professional culture. It firmly believes in the vision, trust, teamwork, and the power of relationships. The environment is meticulously nurtured which enables and encourages new ideas to flourish, which are required to excel in this informative globalized world.